Several of our North Dayton customers have come in this Spring to look at the 2018 Volkswagen Jetta. The Jetta is certainly known as one of the higher-quality, sportier compact sedans. North Dayton owners love the Jetta's passenger and cargo space, as well as its comfortable driving experience. We've put together this written overview of the Jetta to help our North Dayton customers decide if the 2018 Jetta is right for them.


The Volkswagen Jetta has a unique appeal for North Dayton families, as it's one of the few compact sedans that can truly be used as a family vehicle. Volkswagen has managed to give the Jetta much more interior space than offered by competitors, both for passengers and cargo. That translates to a much more practical vehicle, and adds to its comfortable ride. Not only comfortable, the Jetta's ride is also powerful and efficient. VW offers North Dayton owners three turbocharged engine options, with the base engine managing 40 mpg highway.


Driving Experience

The Jetta's base engine is an efficient yet powerful 1.4l turbo, while the SE Sport trim and above come with the 1.8l turbo. That engine brings greater acceleration across the range. The exclusive GLI trim comes with Volkswagen's 2.0l turbo, offering over 200 horsepower and paired with a dual-clutch automatic transmission. All three engines are helped by a well-designed transmission, ensuring strong acceleration throughout the range. The Jetta's overall ride quality is also excellent, with a smooth suspension and quiet cabin. It's rare to find such a composed ride in a vehicle of this size, and North Dayton residents will be very satisfied whether buying the Jetta as a commuter or family vehicle.



We hope North Dayton residents considering the 2018 Volkswagen Jetta have found this overview helpful. The Jetta appeals to a wide range of buyers, which is a major factor in its success in the Dayton area. Very few compact vehicles can offer the blend of performance, efficiency, and practicality offered by the 2018 Jetta. Especially at this price point. North Dayton families should definitely consider the Jetta when searching for a new vehicle this Spring. If you'd like to give it a try for yourself, get in touch and we'll set up your test drive.