Downtown Dayton residents are out looking for Spring deals on a new sedan, and many are asking us about the Volkswagen Jetta. When it was released, the Jetta made people rethink what a compact car could be, and Volkswagen is continuing that tradition. Dayton owners are impressed with the Jetta's passenger and cargo space, as well as the German driving experience. Is the Jetta the right car for you? Read our overview to find out.



The Volkswagen Jetta is one of the few compact cars that is equally at home as a commuter and as a family vehicle. The larger-than-average interior dimensions make it much more carseat-friendly than many of its competitors, and it also offers great safety features. Of course, one of the most desirable traits of small sedans is fuel efficiency, and the Jetta certainly has that, offering up to 40 mpg on the highway. However, Downtown Dayton owners won't have to sacrifice performance for that efficiency, as we'll see below.


Powertrain & Features

The Jetta's base engine is a 1.4l turbo, and stepping up to the SE Sport brings a 1.8l turbo with truly impressive acceleration. The turbo engine's raw power is helped by the smartly tuned transmission, providing a powerful feel throughout the range. Volkswagen has also given the 2018 Jetta excellent brakes and comfort for an overall excellent driving experience. The Jetta will absorb bumps from uneven pavement in Downtown Dayton with ease, and its seats and ride quality are great for a longer road trip.



We think this overview of the Volkswagen Jetta shows why it's one of the top sedans for Downtown Dayton residents. It would be hard to find another sedan of this size, and price, that offers as much passenger and cargo room. Dayton owners will be very satisfied with build quality, fuel efficiency, and engine power. VW has found a great balance of performance and efficiency, and packed it into a comfortable ride. For those of you in Downtown Dayton interested in trying out the Volkswagen Jetta, give us a call to set up your personal test drive.