Look: You know a Volkwagen Beetle when you see one. Since its original release, the VW Beetle, or "Bug", has had an unshakable place in pop culture.

Now, Volkswagen has stepped it up a notch with some great new features for the 2018 Beetle. Let's take a look below at what the 2018 VW Beetle has to offer.

Keeping It Fresh

Having such an iconic design can be both a blessing and a curse for a vehicle like the 2018 VW Beetle. On the one hand, it's instantly recognizable and maybe the most well-known vehicle on the market. On the other hand, Volkswagen has to be careful about changing the design too much.

So what to do?

Well, being Volkswagen they've made some great changes under the hood for the 2018 model, and updated trim levels and options. The result is a more practical Beetle than ever, which should definitely be catching people's eyes for more than just its looks.

The 2018 VW Beetle now comes standard with a new 2.0l turbo, which presents significant gas mileage gains over the Beetle's previous engine. There's also a new tech interface that brings snappy performance and Android Auto/Apple CarPlay integration to almost all Beetle models.

And speaking of style, there's also the brand new Coast trim, which brings unique beachy styling to the "Bug". The 2018 VW Beetle is already one of the most unique vehicles on the road, so why not spice it up with some cool retro styling? We think this new trim is a lot of fun, and fits in well with the simple yet diverse style options on the 2018 Beetle.

Daily Driver Comfort

One thing on which our customers have praised Volkswagen is the amount of comfort they've packed in to the 2018 Beetle. Seats are plush yet supportive, and the ride is very well-composed even on rough roads. Going for the Dune trim will get you an even more plush suspension and a raised driving height. This is great around town, and shows that VW is committed to finding interesting ways increase the Beetle's versatility.

Another way the Beetle manages to stand out is with its range of standard and optional features. In many cases, these far exceed standards for the class, making the 2018 VW Beetle an attractive option from a value standpoint. From lumbar adjustment, to standard 8-speaker sound system, to the jam-packed Style & Comfort package, the Beetle steps up with great features demanded by today's buyers.

And of course, safety features like rear cross-traffic alert, rearview camera, parking sensors, and blind spot monitoring can all be had on the Beetle, often included with the trim or in an affordable package. The 2018 VW Beetle certainly has a lot more to offer than just its good looks.

Try One Today!

While we're sure you know exactly what a 2018 Volkswagen Beetle looks like, if you haven't driven one yet you're missing out. Volkswagen has managed to pack a comfortable, efficient, and well-equipped daily driver into a truly unique package.

Check out our inventory of Beetle models below, and get in touch to set up your personal test drive. We're able to offer excellent financing options, making the best Beetle ever even more accessible. So come in and find out why the Beetle is perennially popular, and see how VW is making it better every year.